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Explore Yin Yoga & Sound Healing – Del Mar

Curious about Yin Yoga and Sound Healing in San Diego? Would you like to learn and experience the powerful effects of these two meditative practices?

Join Jeny and Mark from Zen Soul Balance in a mini workshop entitled Explore Yin Yoga and Sound Healing, to deepen your knowledge of body, mind and spirit.

Explore Yin Yoga & Sound Healing San Diego

Combining Yin Yoga and the aide of Sound Healing, this event explores the theory and engagement of these two powerful practices, and their impact physically and energetically. Creatively designed, attendees will cover the fundamentals of Yin Yoga and Sound Healing through discussion, instruction and lab.  Key topic to be addressed are:

• Examine the nature of yin and yang
Understand the 3 principles of Yin Yoga
• Acknowledge the reality of human skeletal variations
• Learn the fundamental principles of functional alignment versus aesthetical alignment
• Encounter the therapeutic qualities of resonance and vibration
Survey the foundations of sound healing: sound meditation and sound therapy
• Explore the art and skill of playing crystal singing bowls.

Yin Yoga & Sound Healing San Diego Benefits

If you live an active yang-lifestyle in need of fostering the quiet, introspective yin-lifestyle then this experience is right for you, offering these therapeutic benefits, and more:

• Increases circulation
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Revitalizes the tissues of the body
• Improves flexibility and joint mobility
• Restores equilibrium and cultivates balance
• Activates the parasympathetic nervous system

Zen Soul Balance San Diego Offerings

Whether you are brand new to Yin Yoga and Sound Healing, or you’re a seasoned practitioner of both, this workshop is the perfect place to begin or deepen your journey into the transformative world of shape and sound.  RSVP today and consider other ZSB events around San Diego!

*Pre-registration is strongly recommended as the event typically sells out.

$75 Investment


Jeny and Mark own and operate Zen Soul Balance - a holistic wellness company based in San Diego, specializing in yoga, sound therapy, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition. They are Registered Yoga Teachers and hold certifications in sound healing, holistic health, yoga for children with special needs, and leadership development. Together they inspire others to live healthy lives - to embrace the unity of body, mind and spirit as the catalyst for optimal health and wellness. In addition to large group experiences, ZSB offers private Yoga and Sound Therapy sessions to individual clients.


Nov 02 2019


1:00 am - 4:00 pm


$75 Per Person

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Yoga Del Mar
13983 Mango Drive, #206, Del Mar, California 92014
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