Sound Bath at Riffs Yoga La Jolla California

Sound Bath at Riffs Yoga – Bird Rock- November

Unwind from the chaos of life with a Zen Soul Balance sound healing experience with a Sound Bath at Riffs Yoga Studios‘ beautiful outdoor oasis! Sound meditation is a holistic wellness modality that utilizes frequency, vibration, silence and stillness to create a relaxing space that promotes a sense of calm and peace through crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums and chimes.

Sound Bath at Riffs Yoga La Jolla

Deep relaxation is one of the most significant benefits you will receive during this session as the sounds permeate your system, activating the body’s system of self-healing and returning it back to harmony. Since you are lying in a resting position the entire time, you don’t need athletic ability or flexibility to participate. Sound healing can be very beneficial for pregnancy, prehab and rehab, old and young, or people who are experiencing disease, illness, trauma or a stressful life. It is particularly helpful to someone who has had a difficult time connecting with traditional meditation or yoga, but still yearns to experience similar benefits. This is especially true if you overthink or have excessive thoughts that make it difficult to quiet your mind. The sounds from the instruments produce a calming effect that slow down the brainwaves for restoration and rejuvenation.

Benefits of Sound Healing

We understand that healing comes from the inside and it is our intention with each San Diego sound healing meditation session to hold space for anyone interested in recalibrating and optimizing their health. This sonic experience will leave you feeling rejuvenated, balanced and centered. Beginner friendly, open to all levels and no experience necessary!

– Diminishes stress and anxiety
– Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
– Encourages deep relaxation which aides in meditation
– Engages the parasympathetic nervous system, initiating calm and peace
– Triggers the brain to chemically release natural opiates reducing pain and swelling
– Awakens, aligns and balances the Chakra energy centers in the body


Notes: It is suggested to bring a yoga mat or you can rent one from the studio. There are blankets and bolsters that will be setup for you upon arrival. You are welcome to bring additional props for comfort such as an eye pillow or small towel to cover your eyes.

 After purchasing your ticket online through the Riffs MindBody website, you will need to confirm your reservation by clicking through to the second step which enrolls you into the session.



Zen Soul Balance Offerings in San Diego

We host regular Sound Healing events around San Diego and beyond. By partnering with health care providers, yoga studios, and local community organizations, we are able to deliver the many benefits of Yin Yoga and Sound Healing to a wide range of people. If you are interested in booking a Yin Yoga or Sound Healing event for your San Diego organization, get in touch here.

Sound Bath & Yin Yin Yoga Trainings

We view our Sound Baths and Meditation sessions as part of a holistic approach to health and well being. In addition to offering regular Sound Bath sessions around the city of San Diego and beyond, we provide Yin Yoga Teacher Training sessions in person and online for anyone who wants to deepen their practice. During our training events, you will learn the basics of sound healing theory, including the role of rhythm, melody, harmony, silence, and dissonance.

In addition to our Sound Baths, we offer additional classes around San Diego and online, including:

• Yin Yoga Classes & Trainings
• Private Sound Healing Sessions
• Mindfulness & Meditation Support
• Sound Healing Apprenticeship Programs

Read more about our approach and vision here.

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Nov 05 2022


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm



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