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Yoga + Sound Healing

Yin Yoga and Sound Healing are the perfect complement. Yoga uses breath and physical shape to move participants to places of mindfulness, calm and heightened intuition. Sound Healing uses frequency, vibration and intention to do the same. When coupled together, participants allow the sonic energy to help them enter more fully into their practice. Together, sound and mindful breath, create the environment for practitioners to surrender into the posture and be fully present in the moment, while receiving the physical, mental and emotional benefits of each yoga shape. This practice is good for people in need of rejuvenation, feeling stiffness, tight muscles or fatigue, recovering from an injury, surgery or sickness. As well as athletes, entreprenuers, therapists, business professionals, teachers, retirees and more!

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Yin & Restorative Yoga

ZSB desires to create a safe and therapeutic space that helps to reduce stress and increase oxygen levels, which provides an overall sense of well-being. Integrating a Yin (or Restorative) Yoga practice into your weekly rhythm is beneficial on many levels. It can prevent injury, relax muscles and expand flexibility, while developing mindfulness and heightened levels of consciousness.  Have you considered trying yoga and feel hesitant to join a group class because it’s intimidating? If so, private sessions are a good starting point, and well worth the investment. From an advanced practitioner who desires to grow your practice, to a beginner yogi who wants to learn the basics, tailored sessions can help you progress in functional alignment and form. A functional approach to yoga recognizes that our anatomy varies, especially at the skeletal level. With guidance on how to get into and out of every pose, when and how to use props, and the power of breath control, ZSB’s goal is to encourage you to understand the mechanics while empowering you to access inner strength and balance. In the end, the discipline of yoga is a journey that is between you and yourself. ZSB is simply here as a guide. Our aim is to help you discover and maintain a connection to your higher self, which will in turn help you to balance all other aspects of your life. To schedule a single session or a discounted package, submit a request for a consultation. We would love to discuss how we can help you reach your wellness goals.

More Information AboutRestorative & Yin Yoga Sessions

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Sound Healing

Sound healing is the use of frequency, vibration and intention for the purpose of reestablishing harmony in the mind and body. Sound Meditation and Sound Therapy (described below) is typically experienced in a “sound bath,” which leads participants to places of deep relaxation, spiritual awareness and heightened levels of consciousness. Utilizing ancient and modern-day instruments like singing bowls (crystal and brass), gongs, drums and chimes, sound healing works to release dis-ease associated with stress, anxiety and trauma by lowering heart rate, reducing blood pressure, deepening breath and slowing brain waves to a calm and meditative state.

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Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation is a category of Sound Healing. Experienced in large group and small group settings, Sound Meditation focuses on using melody, rhythm, harmony and silence as an aid to meditation, mindfulness and intuitive awareness. Using the vibration and frequency of instruments, sound practitioners guide participants through a passive practice that requires no physical movement and centers on relaxation and rejuvenation. Moving people away from places of fight, flight or freeze, Sound Meditation triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which governs mental and physical rest; creating the environment of peace, calm and presence.

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Sound Healing Recordings

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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is another category of Sound Healing that is tailored to meet individual needs that illuminate specific areas of dis-ease. Whereas Sound Meditation typically focuses on a larger relaxing environment for multiple people, Sound Therapy is an individual healing modality that identifies places of disharmony and energy blockages in and along the 7-major Chakra centers. Using auditory and vibrational energy to surround participants, Sound Therapy offers sonic healing by placing instruments on and around the body. Like Sound Meditation, Sound Therapy creates an environment of deep relaxation, calm, peace and rejuvenation.

More Information AboutSound Therapy Sessions

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  • "Such a refreshing, outside-the-box yoga adventure" — Cheryl Bruser, San Diego, CA
  • "Jeny's workshops are a mustfor anyone who wants to learn about healthy eating." — Jenny Munford, Carlsbad, CA
  • "Zen Soul Balance is Amazing! Jeny & Mark are a dynamic team." — Jared White, San Diego, CA
Our goal is to make these experiences accessible to all, no matter where you are in your journey. We would love the opportunity to share yoga, sound healing and holistic health with everyone, because we believe in its power to transform lives!
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