Brass Bowl with Wood Mallet And Rocks

The Art of Balance: Chakras and Life-Force Energy

We swim in a sea of energy. From Solar Energy, to Kinetic Energy, to Gravitational Energy, we are constantly impacted by the power that swirls around us. This force not only affects our external environment, but also deeply influences our emotions, our actions, and our personality.

Ancient cultures recognized this and understood that energy flows in and throughout channels within our bodies. Some cultures called these channels meridians and for other cultures, they were called Chakras. Though the number of meridians and chakras differed depending on the culture, most agreed that there were a handful of major centers that funneled a universal life-force, which animated the core of who we are as human beings.

For Yogis, the focus is on seven major energy centers that run along the spine. Beginning with the Root Chakra at the base of spine and flowing upward to the Crown Chakra at the top of the head, these energetic hubs govern various aspects of the human experience. From feeling grounded, to feeling pleasure, to self-expression, to loving and being loved, to speaking one’s voice, to seeing the world intuitively, to connecting with higher forms of consciousness; these conduits are the centers of health and presence. When life-force energy flows freely, we experience the fulness of the True Self.

However, there are times when our lives can become stifled and unhealthy. Life, stress and trauma can block the movement of the universal life-force causing one Chakra or several to become stagnate, or atrophied. At times the symptoms of this blockage are subtle and other times, they’re overt. Either way, self-care is the answer; to slow down, take stock, regain perspective and align that which is off-center.

Yoga, breath, meditation, sound vibration and essential oils are excellent ways to balance the places in our lives that are skewed. They not only provide a sense of clarity for what may be off, but they also help in the healing process.

Sonic Energy is a perfect expression of these therapeutic modalities. Through breath, simple body movement, essential oils, guided meditation and the healing sounds of crystal and brass singing bowls, ceremonial drums, multiple gongs, chimes and more, participants will be led on a journey to awaken, align and activate those centers that are blocked or weak. It is designed to help clear obstacles and distractions, while encouraging attitudes and habits that will empower you to live a healthy and whole life.

Create the space to stop and listen to your body, mind and spirit; breathe deep, slow down and remove the obstacles that stand in your way of living to your full potential. You are shaped and formed by a universal life-force energy, let it flow freely!

Written by Mark Carter and originally published on November 20, 2018 by Sojourn Healing Collective