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Yin Yoga Teacher Improvement 6-Week Online Course (Level 2)

Yoga Alliance Registered – 15 Non-Contact Hours CE

This 6-week Yin Yoga course will lift your confidence and unlock your creativity in sequencing, verbalizing ques and pose modifications. This course is designed to complement the Yin Yoga Foundations Training course based on Paul Grilley’s teaching model. Please note that teaching Yin Yoga requires a deeper understanding of the human body in relation to fascia, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, muscles, etc.

Yin Yoga Teacher Improvement Course Curriculum

This course is approximately 12 hours long and each week includes a 30 min Video Tutorial Session, 75 min Yin Yoga Class, and a 30 minute Homework Assignment. The Yin Yoga course curriculum over six weeks is listed below:

Week 1: Sequencing & Teaching Yin
Week 2: Archetypes & Target Areas
Week 3: Counterposes & Modifying Asanas
Week 4: Skillfully Verbalize Cues
Week 5: Fresh & Creative Content
Week 6: Distinguishing Yin from Restorative

Who Is This Yin Yoga Course For

-Yoga Instructors lacking creative inspiration
-Yoga Instructors looking for new ideas & support
-Yoga Instructors searching for continuing education
-Yoga Instructors who need sequencing & modification tips
-Yoga Instructors that have general knowledge on functional yoga
-Yoga Instructors who have a general understanding of human anatomy in relation to connective tissues

San Diego Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

If you have not taken the Yin Yoga Foundational (Level 1) course, it is highly recommended as a prerequisite to this six-week program. Yin Yoga Foundations offered in La Jolla at Riffs Yoga Studios is designed for Yoga Teachers and Yoga students desiring to deepen their practice, gain knowledge and hone their skills of a functional yoga practice and skeletal variations.  Participants will look at the unique physical differences of each human being, while exploring their individual body’s range of motion. They also will learn how to adapt postures for their body in order to experience optimal benefits. See events page for upcoming 25-hour trainings.

Online Yoga & Sound Healing Classes

In addition to online yoga teacher trainings, ZSB offers several remote options to practice: live streamed classes through Zoom; partnering with local studios; on-demand recorded classes filmed in engaging settings; professional development and trainings; sound baths and special events; as well as private, tailored offerings for individuals and/or small groups.

Start by watching these two free videos What is Yin Yoga and Meet Jeny.

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Aug 10 2020 - Dec 31 2022

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