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Online Yin Yoga – Athletes

This is a 75 minute Online Yin Yoga practice for athletes led by Jeny of Zen Soul Balance. This routine works on flexibility, mobility and balance, while releasing tension from deep layers of fascia and connective tissues surrounding muscles. This practice is a tool that helps to prevent injury and aid in recovery. Studies have shown that athletes can benefit by adding yoga to their training regimen. You can expect a full body stretch with shorter holds and a combination of gentle movements with yang activations.

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Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Online

Enjoy a variety of online classes for all levels (and moods) with Zen Soul Balance, in San Diego or online from anywhere, anytime! Now you can practice with Jeny and the ZSB Team from the convenience of your own space and to fit your personal schedule. Not feeling up to a yoga class? No worries, relax and listen to a soothing sound bath session with or without yoga asana. Scroll through the ZSB library of pre-recorded videos and choose which class works best for you!  Click here for the ZSB Library.

What To Expect In Yin Yoga

In Yin Yoga, practitioners hold postures for long periods – usually 2-7 minutes – allowing time and gravity to do the work. Yin targets the connective tissues – fascia, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, vertebral discs, etc., by creating shapes. One of the characteristics that sets Yin Yoga apart from other styles of yoga is the functional approach. Every-bone-in-every-body is different, and everyone’s skeleton is unique. This means that every shape that you create with your body will look different than anyone else’s, and that is the beauty of a functional practice. Yin Yoga focuses on functional effects of each posture – how does it feel in your body, rather than how does it look. There is an objective, a “target area” that you intend to therapeutically stretch, massage, compress. etc.

San Diego Yoga & Sound Bath Sessions

Jeny and the ZSB Team lead regular Yoga and Sound Bath events around San Diego and online. By partnering with local yoga studios, community organizations, corporations and health care providers, they are able to deliver the many benefits of Yoga and Sound Healing to a wide range of people.

NEW Online Yoga & Sound Healing Offerings

Adapting to the present reality (and expanding its reach) ZSB currently offers several remote options to practice: live streamed classes through Zoom; partnering with local studios; on-demand recorded classes filmed in engaging settings; professional development and trainings; sound baths and special events; as well as private, tailored offerings for individuals and/or small groups.

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Apr 14 2020 - Dec 31 2020


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